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“Hatepop" by PHOBIK & “Loose Noose of Love” by SEPTERHED

Stone Malone Gallery presents, Phobiks “Hatepop " and Septerheds “Loose Noose of Love.” We invite you to the opening reception Saturday, May 10th, 7pm-10pm. A raffle in which each artist will give their fans a chance to win a piece of their work from the show, in house DJ by MostArt, and drinks. We hope to see you all there.

Pop Art on a Dali trip. With fragments of his fast paced Hollywood life experiences, illustrated with fragments of a colorful melting brain. A magical hater journey through brief studies of drug addled reality and heartbreak"--Sept

"Septerhed's “Loose Noose of Love” highlights the never ending struggle of surviving how to love yourself and other people. Fighting the ironic fate we all have of love and hate” --Phobik