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Stone Malone Gallery Presents

A Dual Exhibition By COLUMNZ & PLIN

Opening Reception Friday, December 
5th 2014.

COLUMNZ 's artwork constantly explores the intersection of architecture and street art. Ideas of scale, form, pattern, repetition, figure and statements on Western/pop culture are expressed in a series of models, proposals, paintings and illustrations.

PLIN emphasizes the communicative and expressive qualities of street art and graffiti. His family of ever changing characters borrows from traditional fine art, indigenous art, street art and graffiti. Plins art connects with passers-by as a call to personal expression within the vacuum of urbanity. 

Jointly, COLUMNZ and PLIN reproduced an alley within the gallery by drawing on the walls at 1:1 scale. The alley, which is normally an afterthought and addition to the backside of architecture becomes the foreground and backdrop for the display of art. The conditions under which street is secretly produced are publicly rendered for general consumption.




Sounds By MostArt & Justin Frazier 

Free Drinks.

"VISIONS" Runs From December 5th, 2014 Through December 12th, 2014