Help us Reopen the Stone Malone Gallery!

Hi I’m Stone Malone and this is my Go-Fund Me Campaign!

My whole life I dreamed about being a successful Artist and being recognized for my Artistic ability. In 1991 I moved to Hollywood California from Michigan, I had one mindset….rule the world and achieve my Dreams! I developed a cult like following with my art and had some success.

   It wasn’t until I opened my Art Gallery on Melrose Ave in 2013, that my focus changed from my dreams to helping the dreams of others! Being unselfish and fostering others was infectious. This is when I became a part of the Los Angeles Art community! I gave my Artists complete freedom to express themselves and would never censor or inhibit their creative process.

   Over the next four years the Stone Malone Gallery took on a life of its own. Some  of our artists include Sean from Texas, Morley, Shepard Fairey, L'Amour Supreme, Alex Garant, Plastic Jesus , WRDSMTH & Moncho-1929 to name a few. CBS 7 Los Angeles named us one of the "10 Best Art Galleries in West Hollywood" and stated "Stone Malone Gallery is considered the gallery that sparked the original Melrose Avenue art scene". I was too busy running the business to see the impact I made. When I decided to close the Melrose location, I fully realized what the Gallery had become. 

   I had no intensions of reopening the Stone Malone Gallery, but the outpouring of Love make me realize the Gallery was bigger than me. Feeling the pressure from my fans & collectors, I felt that relocating to a better location and coming back stronger would give me renewed energy. With a new business model and staff I feel the Gallery is just getting started. The Los Angeles Art District is my Goal and where I truly believe I can make the greatest impact.

   I want to finish what I started, which is having the best Art Gallery in Los Angeles. To give a forum for these great Artists and deliver something that’s not just Art on the walls, but a true spectacle and a must see event. I’m asking for people to support my Go Fund Me Campaign so that together we can build the Best Art Gallery the West has ever seen!
Stone Malone

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