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LOS ANGELES – Stone Malone Gallery is proud to present “The Answer To Everything But Death”, a solo exhibition of new work by Los Angeles based artist, Ryan McIntosh.

While it may have been the artist’s original intent to provide some form of answers within this exhibition, the truth is… he really doesn’t know. Instead, upon viewing the work you’re left with this empty feeling in your gut, more unanswered questions in your head and art that has little to no aesthetic value. ocess however, the artist begins to pose a series of questions about the kinds or returns we expect from contemporary art.

In reality, this exhibition just makes available what everyone really wants – money – and thus it may disappoint on the traditional expectation that art should be “more” than this.

"Buying is much more American than thinking."
-Andy Warhol



The Answer To Everything But Death
Featuring new work by Ryan McIntosh
May 23rd, 2015 – June 7th, 2015
Opening Reception May 23rd, 2015, 7-12pm
7619 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA