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Hi I’m Stone Malone and this is my Go-Fund Me Campaign!

My whole life I dreamed about being a successful Artist and being recognized for my Artistic ability. In 1991 I moved to Hollywood California from Michigan, I had one mindset….rule the world and achieve my Dreams! I developed a cult like following with my art and had some success.

   It wasn’t until I opened my Art Gallery on Melrose Ave in 2013, that my focus changed from my dreams to helping the dreams of others! Being unselfish and fostering others was infectious. This is when I became a part of the Los Angeles Art community! I gave my Artists complete freedom to express themselves and would never censor or inhibit their creative process.

   Over the next four years the Stone Malone Gallery took on a life of its own. Some  of our artists include Sean from Texas, Morley, Shepard Fairey, L'Amour Supreme, Alex Garant, Plastic Jesus , WRDSMTH & Moncho-1929 to name a few. CBS 7 Los Angeles named us one of the "10 Best Art Galleries in West Hollywood" and stated "Stone Malone Gallery is considered the gallery that sparked the original Melrose Avenue art scene". I was too busy running the business to see the impact I made. When I decided to close the Melrose location, I fully realized what the Gallery had become. 

   I had no intensions of reopening the Stone Malone Gallery, but the outpouring of Love make me realize the Gallery was bigger than me. Feeling the pressure from my fans & collectors, I felt that relocating to a better location and coming back stronger would give me renewed energy. With a new business model and staff I feel the Gallery is just getting started. The Los Angeles Art District is my Goal and where I truly believe I can make the greatest impact.

   I want to finish what I started, which is having the best Art Gallery in Los Angeles. To give a forum for these great Artists and deliver something that’s not just Art on the walls, but a true spectacle and a must see event. I’m asking for people to support my Go Fund Me Campaign so that together we can build the Best Art Gallery the West has ever seen!
Stone Malone

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"MELROSE SUMMERFEST 2016" A Group Exhibition with Featured Pop-Ups

The Stone Malone Gallery is proud to present the first annual Melrose Summerfest! This is a Group Exhibition with Featured Pop-Ups. This will be setup as Dual Exhibition with one side acting as a Group Show and the other will feature Pop-Up Shows. The Featured Artists Include Shepard Fairey, Sean from Texas, L'Amore Supreme, Greg Rivera, Hero, Art of Chase,  and many more. The Pop-Ups include Sickid, Michael Fabian, John Born, Rick Boston & Reena Tolentino. This Exhibition runs from July 20th through August 9th, this will help kick off our finest Fall line up to Date!

Featured Pop-Ups



Michael Fabian

John Born

Rick Boston

Reena Tolentino



STONE HOME! August 8th thru August 15th!

Gallery Owner and founder Stone Malone returns Home for his once a year Exhibition at the Stone Malone Gallery! "EyeZ of the World" brings new Stone Art to the Earth, always a thrill to see the new creations by Mr. Malone. This group of work is better than last years work, and continues the evolution of this this Artist's skills and vision!


For the close of the Exhibition on August 15th, Stone will be doing a musical event featuring Kelle Rhoads and many more top notch Players & Friends! Gonna be a rockin' August.....following this show, we will feature Stone's good friend Phobik....August is gonna ROCK!

Kelle Rhoads & Friends July 11th

To kick of the Nation's B-Day and ring in the summer correctly, Kelle Rhoads returns to the Gallery! Fresh of the Randy Rhoads Remembered Tour, Kelle is fired up to give Melrose a KICK! There will be free Beer & open Jam after 11:30pm. If you miss this one you are a fool and need some proper education? The fun starts @ 9pm and closes at Let It Bleed!

Stone Home!

Stone Malone returns to his Gallery on August 8th. As always each show is completely New Art, not rehashed art that you've seen before! Eye'z of the World will feature Stone's bold experiments in color and his trademark use of eyes. Keep your eyes out for more updates!

Ryan McIntosh "An Answer to Everything But Death" Store is open!


Online Store Open!

LOS ANGELES – Stone Malone Gallery is proud to present “The Answer To Everything But Death”, a solo exhibition of new work by Los Angeles based artist, Ryan McIntosh.

While it may have been the artist’s original intent to provide some form of answers within this exhibition, the truth is… he really doesn’t know. Instead, upon viewing the work you’re left with this empty feeling in your gut, more unanswered questions in your head and art that has little to no aesthetic value. ocess however, the artist begins to pose a series of questions about the kinds or returns we expect from contemporary art.

In reality, this exhibition just makes available what everyone really wants – money – and thus it may disappoint on the traditional expectation that art should be “more” than this.

"Buying is much more American than thinking."
-Andy Warhol


The Answer To Everything But Death
Featuring new work by Ryan McIntosh
May 23rd, 2015 – June 7th, 2015
Opening Reception May 23rd, 2015, 7-12pm
7619 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to thy >BleepRoom<

The Artist Bleep Bloop spent the morning remodeling our Bathroom! It's now been dubbed The BleepRoom! Any or all people wishing to see this masterpiece of Improv stop by and ParTake!

Kelle Rhoads & Friends on February 28th!

Kelle  Rhoads returns to the Stone Malone Gallery to do his residency on February 28th! Kelle is an avant garde classical pianist, who defines categorization. Much like Frank Zappa, Kelle has a way with blending genres and creating sonic landscapes. His new album 'Magnificent Obsession' will be release in a few months. Kelle will help closing out the Jennifer Korsen Show, her closing party is 7-10 pm. You never know who's gonna show up to play, after the main set it will be open to other musicians. It's gonna be a fun night, so mark it on your calendar.


Famed Tattooer And Artist, Sean From Texas Returns To Stone Malone Gallery To Showcase A Collection Of Works From 2014. This Past Year Has Been A Land Mark Year For The Fell One, From Tattooing Celebrity Clients, Collaborating With Numerous High End Fashion Labels, To Designing Nine Inch Nail's Current Tour Merchandise And Artwork.

Ink, Paint, & Bone, All Artwork Will Be Very Reasonably Priced, So Do Not Miss Out On What Will Be An Unforgettable Exhibition.

Opening Reception Saturday, January 10th 2015.

Sounds By MostArt