• Address submissions to our Assistant Curator
  • Subject should read "NEW ARTIST SUBMISSION"
  • Attach any high resolution images of artwork, PDF, link to website or portfolio. NO FaceBook links.
  • Brief Artist Bio. 
  • Brief description of artwork and process.
  • Artist Resume (if applicable) or brief description of gallery experience.
  • Suggested Artwork price point and dimensions.
  • Instagram Account name (if applicable)
  • Contact info.
  • If submissions do not include any of the above, they will NOT be reviewed.





How do I show at your gallery?

To be considered for an exhibition or group show, you must first make a submission. Our exhibitions and group shows are invitation only. Please take in to account that we receive a large number of submissions, so please be patient. If your submission is accepted, our Curator Jonnie Rojas will get in touch with you and begin the booking/interview process. Please do not drop off or ship us any unrequested samples or original artwork. We will NOT return it. Please see submission guidelines above.

What commission percentage does the gallery take?

Every artist and exhibition is different. If you are chosen to exhibit here, we will discuss this with you in detail. SMG pays out within 14 business days of exhibition close.

What dates are you booking now?

As of right now we are booked solid through 2016 with no vacancies. We will actively begin booking for 2017 very soon.

Do you rent out the gallery space?

Yes, we rent it out for all manners of events. Private parties, pop up exhibitions, photography shoots, filming, etc. Please contact for rates and availability.

Can I come by the gallery so I can show you my work in person?

We are always happy to review portfolios and or artwork in person, however we only do this by appointment ONLY. Please contact our Assistant Curator at to set up an appointment, as we will NOT review portfolios or artwork without an appointment.

Do you want to buy my art?

No, we do not buy unsolicited art from anyone.

Do you have any job openings?

Not at the moment. If you are interested email us a copy of your resume and a brief description of why you want to work for us.

What are the Gallery dimensions?

Check the ABOUT section.

What are the hours of operation?

Check the ABOUT section.

Who can I talk to about Marketing, Social Media, & Advertising?

Please contact

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