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Founded in 2013 by musician and painter Stone Malone, the gallery is located in the world famous Melrose District in Hollywood, California. Curated by Los Angeles based artist and designer Jonnie Rojas, the gallery exhibits a wide range of work from new emerging talents, as well as established artists from Los Angeles and all over the world. SMG exhibits the best in fine art, modern contemporary, pop, photography, and street art. 

Once a month SMG hosts Kelle Rhoads & Friends, A special musical event featuring musical performances by surprise guests, local musicians and artists.

Some of the past SMG Artists we've exhibited before include: Shepard Fairey, L'Amour Supreme, Tina Lugo, Sean From Texas, Morley, The London Police, Ryan McIntosh, Greg Rivera, Durone, Rene Gagnon, MadMan, Alex Garant, Moncho 1929, Afrika 47, Free Humanity, Bisco Smith, Karen Bystedt, The Most Famous Artist, Whisbe, Bar Ben Vakil, Cody Bayne, DirtyWetPaint, WRDSMTH, Hero, 2wenty, MadOne, Matt Gondek,  Smear, The Bleep Bloop, Wrdsmth, Sek, Leba, Gianni Arone, Plastic Jesus, T.S. Claire, Haunted Euth, Sabo, Darcy Yates, Harley Jones, Lucas Raynaud, ABCNT, Daniel Cohen, Phobik, Teachr, Ming Ong,  Zoro Rodriguez, & thegossipandthechoir.

To learn more about Stone Malone and his art, please visit 

Melrose has always been known for food & fashion, why not art? It’s always been my intention to help build a true art scene here. I want to bring good art to Melrose, art you can invest in, art that you love, art that inspires.

Stone Malone

Artist & Owner

7619 1/2 melrose ave.

los angeles, ca 90046

(323) 782-7070



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