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"Hollywood’s Icons of 1990: Gone, But Never Forgotten" A Pop-Up Exhibition by Reena Tolentino

The Stone Malone Gallery is proud to welcome our own homegrown Artist Reena Tolentino.  She was born and raised in the movie capital of the world-- in our very own backyard that is Hollywood, California.  Reena was first exposed to art when her mom took her to weekend gallery activities at LACMA where she learned about original works of arts from the lesser-known painters leading up to the established Masters.

In her art and travel exposures to Europe, wherein she particularly visited Paris, France; Venice, Italy; Switzerland; The Netherlands, and Germany, she saw a variety of European art styles from various museums—these experiences served as a conduit of influence in what is yet to be Reena’s evolving experimental adventure in her art’s medium from acrylic, to oil to watercolor.

With no formal art school training, painting has always been a therapeutic avenue for her creative abilities. Her creative sense of art style was captivated in the emergence of Pop Art--its composition; style, definition, expression, colors and the freedom of expression that it allows for her.

Reena Tolentino will debut her art series called: “Hollywood’s Icons of 1990:  Gone, But Never Forgotten—they are the Stars who bade us their last but are here to stay though they’ve past.”  The featured Icons are:  Aaliyah, Whitney Houston (This piece made its art appearance in Reena’s recent music video called “Shoparazzi”); Britney Murphy; Tupac Shakur; Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix; Eazy E; Notorious B.I.G., Left Eye Lopez; Selena; Robin Williams; Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.