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A Pop-Up Exhibition by Rick Boston

After a 35 year career in Music, writing songs for artists like Nile Rodgers, Joe Cocker, Rickie Lee Jones , Alice Cooper...composing and writing for Films like “Roxanne” starring Steve Martin to “Iron Man” starring Robert Downey Jr. and my own bands the Januaries and Low Pop Suicide...which had achieved some “indie radio success." I in the movies, the Sunset was appearing on the horizon.

With camera and pen in hand I ran away from home , and toured the western united states. I landed in Livingston, a cabin , on the Yellowstone river. There I met an artist there who had known the iconic American landscape photographer Ansel Adams. He shared a quote form Ansel that planted the seed for my diving into ART. The photo is merely the notes of a piece music on a page "the Performance is in the Printing"…Of course this didn’t apply in the digital age and Photoshop...which is not keeping with the artistry and spirit Ansel intended. 

So just outside Barstow California as I passed an abandoned “Manson Family” style Ranch. I bought a saw and pry bar at home depot then liberated some weathered wood and metal and built my own frames to “perform” the photos of my journey...the result was the piece titled“BUFFALO ON RUST” finger painted on the confiscated metal then attached with Lag Bolts to the Barn Wood. A couple who had worked at the Bronx Zoo then retired to Santa Fe saw it on display in Taos, New Mexico and now hang it in there home.

The evolution of performing on found artifacts lead to “EVE” which sold at the Stone Gallery. Music continues again with the release of EDX “West of Rain” avail at Cree-8-ivity the last tribe holding out for the temple of song….

Rick Boston