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"Where Else But The Streets" Group Exhibition

From 2010 to 2013, Los Angeles (specifically the well-trafficked area of Melrose Avenue between Fairfax and La Brea) was the center of the street art world. Taking their cues from the Arab Spring and Operation Wall Street, famed and infamous artists such as Shepard Fairey, Morley, Mr. Brainwash, and even Banksy took to the streets and painted, postered, and stenciled their witty, politically engaged works on billboards, lampposts, utility boxes, even the sidewalks.

Where Else But The Streets not only captures the vibrant renaissance in Los Angeles street art, but also chronicles the stories from the artists themselves, getting inspired, getting started, getting famous, and becoming outlaws.


Shepard Fairey

Free Humanity


Plastic Jesus




PSA Crew

More TBA

ARTISTS FEATURED IN THE BOOK: Shepard FaireyBanksyMr. BrainwashRon EnglishAlec MonopolyFree HumanityLydia EmilyTeachr,SkullphoneMorleyWORDSMITHThrashbirdThank You XGregory Siff & more!

“A fascinating study of art, politics, and dissent.”  – Jason Leopold, Senior Investigative Reporter, VICE News