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"City" A solo exhibition featuring all new work by Edsy aka Pastey Whyte. 

Born in Rochester, NY. Edsy has a BFA in Sceneography from SUNY, New Paltz, NY. He has worked as a Stage Technician in television and theater production for the past 25 years.

 Edsy’s art techniques are derived from the artists he most admires, especially from the Pop and Contemporary Art genres. His cityscapes are unique visions, an extension of his urban environments drawing inspiration from the places Edsy has lived and worked in like New York City, Chicago, and currently Los Angeles. The cit He does not adhere to one particular style or medium. He has made several series of works which use found objects, found images, and repurposed materials. He finds source images from his collection of vintage magazines and catalogs, and transforms the original material or content into something modern and edgy. 

 For the past several years, he has been an active participant in the “un-commissioned public art” of the Los Angeles Street Art movement. Known by his nom de guerre “Pastey Whyte”, his street work stands out in the field and has drawn a following of fellow street artists and fans of the genre. Featured in Stay Up by G. James Daichendt, he’s recently joined several of the movement’s stand outs.


Opening Reception Saturday, January 24th 2015.

  Sounds By MostArt